Android mobile memory card is showing but not the files when connected to windows – hidden files

MicroSD memory cards are the most commonly used memory storage options now days and are always busy in reading and writing your files. But some times they tend to show slow working or showing the files stored inside.

This guide will help in with the following problems

  • SD card working on android but not showing files (Pictures and videos) on PC
  • SD card shows disk space used by but not showing any files.

Show hidden files through command prompt

Might be possible that files are hidden and not showing in windows. To fix this follow the steps:

a. Press WinKey+R to open run.

b. Type “cmd” and press Enter. This will open a command prompt.

c. Enter the following command in the command prompt. Replace “E” with your memory card drive letter.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.*

d. Open your memory card, all files will be showing now.