Android N – Google named it Nougat

Goggle has officially announced the name of upcoming Android version 7.0. It was called as Android N before deciding the official name. Some people have suggested to name it Neyyappam(an Indian desert) when Sundar Pichai visited IIT campus and when approached by some of the students for this name. Sundar said he will make a poll inside the company to get thee final name.

In its annual developer conference google I/O held last month, google invited people to suggest the name of next Android version.

Their was also poll started which asks to vote on the Neyyappam or Nutella. Because of the history of Android names most people are expecting it to be named Nutella because of its world knowing.

But all of the expectations are boxed when Google announced the official name as Nougat via Twitter. Their is no announcement of the release date of this new android version 7.0.