Three new features that Galaxy Note 7’s S Pen is expected to come with

People waiting for the release of Galaxy Note 7 must also want to know the features that S Pen will have for the Note 7 buyers. There are three new features that are supposed to be picked up Note 7’s S Pen.

Translate Feature:

This feature will allow user to translate a foreign language word by just hovering the S pen over it. The best part of this is user do not to install a third party app for the translation purpose, All work has been carried out by the S Pen and Note 7 itself.

Magnify Feature:

This feature is basically a magnification option of a particular part of a screen when S Pen is hovered above that area. There are multiple apps available in the play store for this work, but free apps have some limitations and is good to have magnification feature inbuilt without any memory consuming application.


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Glance Feature:

This feature will allow user to switch between two apps just by hovering the S Pen over the app thumbnail through S Pen Air Command menu. Along with this feature Glance also allow you to record video into Gifs.

“Air Command is activated immediately when S Pen is taken out with a floating pen icon on the screen.”