How to set mobile data limit in any android smartphone and change monthly data cycle

Smartphones are become the part of our life they provide us the opportunity to connect with our friends and family 24X7 thorough social media like facebook, twitter and instant messaging app whatsapp. For these connections mobile need to have either mobile data connection or Wi-Fi. Generally with the Wi-Fi, data limit is not a concern for most of the users because of the unlimited plans but when it comes to mobile data general 3G and 4G. They come with very less data packs and cost very high. So, its good to set mobile data limit on your android mobile so that it can not go beyond the data package you have and not charge you further for the precious KB/s.
Setting up mobile data limit is very easy, first you need to enable mobile data to set the limit.

Follow these steps to set limit on your device:

1. Go to Settings > Select “More” under Wireless & Network.

2. Select “Mobile Networks” and enable the data.

3. Go back to the Settings and select “Data Usage” under “Wireless & Network” .

4. There you will see 2 horizontal lines(generally Red and Green) on a data consumption graph. Red line represents the maximum data limit available to use and Green represents the warning data limit after which mobile will show you consumption warning.

5. Drag Red line up or down as per your need to set the maximum data limit of your package and Green line to show you warning after certain level of data is consumed.

Tip- Always set Green line 50 to 80 Mb data limit below the red line.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled data limit on your smartphone.

Change Monthly Data Cycle

You can also change you monthly data cycle for this under the same “Data usage” there is Data usage cycle. Click on that and select starting date of your data plan, end date will be automatically calculated based on 30 days period.